Latest battery management and power conversion solutions showcased

26-04-2019 | Analog Devices | Power

Analog Devices visitors will see a series of demonstrations showing ADI technologies in cutting-edge power conversion designs at the upcoming PCIM The company has built an ecosystem with partner companies, particularly to serve its customers in producing innovative power-management solutions in areas such as battery management systems. Visitors to the stand will see designs created by industrial partner Stercom Power Solutions, providing expertise in advanced battery management systems tailored for energy storage applications. Also shown will be innovative open platforms from the Fraunhofer IISB, which has created the foxBMS. This has been formulated as the ultimate open source development platform for battery management, applicable to industrial systems such as energy storage and guided vehicles (ESS/AGVs) and automotive applications (EV/HEVs). A demonstration will show the company's offering for system integrators and designers operating in the field of energy storage in high power systems, where they are challenged to deliver ever-higher levels of conversion efficiency. The demonstration will feature a reference design for a 30kW DC-DC charger for high power energy storage, developed by partner Stercom. The power converter is a high voltage, high-frequency design employing SiC technology that targets both static energy storage and electric vehicles, yielding 99% power conversion efficiency resulting in a 30% smaller charging unit. Company specialists will be available to engage in discussions around today’s power conversion technology challenges, at all levels. The company’s partner program offers a route to efficient turnkey solutions while, for designers seeking to optimise high voltage, high-frequency power converter circuit topologies, the company's staff will be available for in-depth discussions. Areas of special interest include isolated gate driving, and power management ICs (PMICs). They can provide a high-performance combination of parts that will optimise the output of chargers and inverters based on SiC and GaN power MOSFETs. Pairing digital iCoupler technology with innovative PMICs results in designs with lowest EMI and highest efficiency. The company's product family offers a fully characterised route to fastest time-to-market, with lowest R&D risks. The company will engage in the Exhibitor Forum series of technical presentations at PCIM 2019. At 13:40 on 7th May, ADI’s Stefano Gallinaro will deliver a talk entitled “Battery Management for Energy Storage Systems: innovations in the ecosystem”. The Forum is located in Hall 7/507. PCIM 2019, Stand 442, in Hall 6.

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