Synchronous boost converter is a fully-integrated converter with load disconnect built-in

23-04-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TPS61372 Synchronous Boost Converter is a fully-integrated converter including built-in load disconnect. The device maintains output voltage up to 16V with a 3.8A current limit. The input voltage varies from 2.5V to 5.5V supporting applications powered by a single-cell Lithium-ion battery or 5V bus. The device uses the peak current mode with the adaptive off-time control topology. The device operates in PWM operation of 1.5MHz at moderate-to-heavy loads. In light load conditions, the device can be configured in both auto PFM or forced PWM operation by the MODE pin connection. Auto PFM mode has the advantage of high efficiency at light load. Forced PWM mode operation maintains the switching frequency constant across the entire load range. The device has a soft start to minimise the inrush current during start-up. The converter offers the load disconnect during shut down and gives output short protection of hiccup mode. The device also performs output overvoltage and thermal shutdown protection. The device provides a compact solution size with a 16-pin WCSP 1.57mm x 1.52mm package of 0.5mm height.

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