Customised AC solutions for the EV charging market

18-04-2019 | TTI Europe | Automotive Technologies

ITT Cannon’s class-leading UL and CE certified connectors, plugs, outlets and accessories provide recognised, trusted and proven charging solutions for the current day e-mobility markets. The solutions are available now from TTI Europe. Built using all key regional standards, the company provides a fully comprehensive range of standard as well as customisable AC charging solutions covering EVSE and EV applications. The cable options are certified and approved to regional demands. The sealing meets and exceeds required specifications. The company offers single and triple phase variants, with up to 80A AC charging option available. The cable provides low contact resistance offering a minimum 10k mating cycles. The customised cables, end terminals and handles can be tailored to individual customer requirements. Typical applications include public charging stations, charging/jumper cables, home charging, and Mode 3 charging cables.

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