Fully integrated proximity and ambient light sensor in ultra-compact SMT package

26-04-2019 | TTI Europe | Test & Measurement

Vishay’s new VCNL4040 fully integrated proximity and ambient light sensor is now offered by TTI Europe. Featuring Filtron technology, the device comprises an IR emitter, photo detectors for proximity and ambient light, a signal processing IC and a 16-bit ADC. The new sensor is provided in one of the smallest surface-mount packages, at just 4mm x 2mm x 1.1mm. The three-in-one sensor highlights an interrupt function and supports an I2C bus communications interface, which considerably simplifies window and sensor placement. Ideal applications for the device include consumer devices, home automation, handheld devices, industrial applications, notebooks and tablets. The extremely accurate ALS provides 16-bit high resolution with ample selections to satisfy the demands of most applications, whether dark or high transparency lens design. Patented Filtron technology delivers ambient light spectrum sensitivity close to real human eye responses, with fluorescent light flicker immunity. The proximity function provides immunity to red glow (940nm IRED) and has an intelligent cancellation system that efficiently reduces crosstalk and a smart persistence scheme to decrease response time. Both the ALS and PS work in parallel and can be programmed for high and low interrupt thresholds, so only using the minimum amount of microprocessor resource. Other specifications cover operating voltage between 2.5V to 3.6V, temperature compensation of -40C to +85C and a low power consumption I2C SMBus compatible interface.

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